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A Savage Food Fighting Card Game

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Collect & conquer: it’s the aim of the game. In the criminal underworld of villainous vegetables, you must assemble gangs, destroy your rivals, and overthrow the ruthless Cartel to WIN. How? By collecting sets, stealing from your opponents, and matching the Cartel cards.

Plant-Based Riot is a ruthless game of strategy, cunning, and terrible edibles.

There can only be one winner... everyone else will sleep with the dishes!

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We know Plant Based Riot is a pretty cool idea for a game.

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Plant-Based Riot is a lockdown labour of love. At the turn of 2020, Roberto, Matt and  I were chugging along, designing novelty gifts and small-scale, quick-play games in response to pop culture trends. Truth be told, we didn’t spare much thought to unique mechanics and long-lasting design. But lockdown changed all that.

What is Bubblegum Stuff?

Well, first of all, we don’t make chewing gum. We’re a small gift and games company based in London. We love responding to pop culture trends to create products that spread a bit of laughter. Our business is making simple games and novelty gifts that are far from usual.

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